SKU Bearings Gear Ratio/ Weight(oz.) Line
9BB+1RB 5.5:1, 9.7 4/190,6/120
9BB+1RB 5.5:1, 10 4/215,6/135
9BB+1RB 5.2:1, 11.7 6/270,10/185,12/135
9BB+1RB 5.2:1, 12.4 10/215,12/160,15/120
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With the launch of the new Matrix spinning reel series, Pinnacle engineers have successfully taken spinning reel design to a whole new level. The unique lines, the sleek, thin body design and the striking cosmetics accelerate Matrix light years ahead of competitive offerings. Turn the handle to feel the exceptional smoothness thanks to a combination of ten stainless steel bearings, precision-machined gears and a finely balanced rotor. 

The machined aluminum spool is deep anodized not once but twice for double protection against nicks, cuts and the elements. Unlimited Anti-Reverse™ (UAR) prevents any backward movement in the handle or rotor for improved sensitivity and rock solid hook-sets. The aluminum handle is precision machined and balanced to eliminate rotor wobble when retrieving at speed. Matrix reels also feature ResistTwist™ Line Rollers which help minimize line twist. And finally, when you hook into that fish of a lifetime with your new Matrix, the wide range front drag with multi-stack drag washers stands ready to perform with excellence and bring your trophy to net.

  • 10 Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Unlimited Anti-Reverse™
  • Balanced Rotor
  • ResistTwist™ Line Roller
  • Precision-Cut Brass Gear
  • Machined Aluminum Spool
  • Machined Aluminum Handle
  • Multi-Stack Drag Washers
  • 5.5:1 Gear Ratio in 25, 30 size
  • 5.2:1 Gear Ratio in 35, 40 size

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