SKU Bearings Gear Ratio/ Weight(oz.) Line
1BB 5.2:1, 5.4 2/200,4/120
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Tiny20 Classic


You'll have fun catching trout, panfish and even bass with the Tiny20 Classic. Newly designed for 2009 the Tiny20 is equipped with a ball bearing drive system for liquid smooth retrieves. The balanced rotor and handle stop on a dime thanks to SharpStop Anti Reverse. Resist Twist Line Roller helps keep line twist in check and the multi disc front drag is smooth and powerful. And all Tiny20 Classics are ready to fish out of the box since they are pre-spooled with monofilament line before leaving the factory.

  • Ball Bearing Drive
  • SharpStopTAnti Reverse
  • Balanced Rotor
  • ResistTwistTLine Roller
  • Multi Disc Enhanced Front Drag
  • Pre Spooled with Monofilament

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