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SKU Bearings Gear Ratio/ Weight(oz.) Line
9BB+1RB 7.0:1/8.2 12/120
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Want better feel and greater precision when working finesse baits? Stop “twitching” and start “slyyyding.” The new Deadbolt Slyder’s exclusive “Finesse Wheel” lets you work a lure along the bottom in exacting increments, effortlessly, with just one hand. Even sluggish bass will find this kind of slow, tantalizing presentation hard to resist. Faster, continuous pushes of the wheel allow you to pick up slack line in a flash. If the fish are in the mood for a speedy retrieve, you can use this reel’s 7.0:1 gear ratio to rip reaction lures back to the boat. Ultra-smooth performance is also part of the package, thanks to ten stainless steel bearings, an advanced, adjustable magnetic casting system and a super-consistent Multi-Disc Drag.

  • 10 Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Exclusive Finesse Wheel
  • Unlimited Anti-Reverse
  • Precision Machine-Cut Brass Gears
  • Fully-adjustable Magnetic Cast Control
  • Reinforced Lightweight Graphite Frame
  • Multi-Stack Drag Washers
  • Titanium-Shielded Line Guide
  • High-Speed 7.0:1 Gear Ratio
  • Audible Click Star Drag

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