Don’t Just Take our Word for it…See What Avid Bass Anglers are Saying about Pinnacle’s New Tournament Class Tackle!
When it comes to fishing tackle, or any product for that matter, nothing is more telling than honest feedback from actual consumers. When Pinnacle held a “sneak peak” giveaway recently at the popular bass fishing portal, we gave site users a chance to win Tournament Class Perfecta rod models before they were available to the general public. We asked only that after using their new rods, they post their unbiased reviews at the website’s forum. Here’s a sampling of what these avid bass anglers had to say about the quality and performance of Pinnacle’s Tournament Class Perfecta Rods:

Angler: Lee R., York, PA
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-681CAM
(Applications: Topwater, Poppers, Tubes, Grubs)

"I received my rod today and had time to take it out tonight. I got the top water/popper/tube/grub model.
DHC5-681CAM 6'8" rod. Medium action, extra fast taper, line rec 8-14 lb, lure wt. 1/4-5/8 oz.
My first reaction to the rod is that it is very very light. I got a Gander Mountain rod earlier this year and it feels heavy in comparison.


The rod looks great. Nice split handle, feels great. The color of the rod is blue/black that has seems to change depending on how the light is hitting it.


I put the only baitcaster that was rigged with light line (10lb) on it and took it out to the local lake. This reel is old and not very good, I barely use it due to that and the fact that it doesn't cast very good. Well combined with this rod it was throwing my top water lures a long ways. Very nice. In total I used a Tiny Torpedo, Pop-R, Zara Puppy, and even put a senko on. It handled all with no proplem, and sent the PopR and Zara Puppy flying especially far.

The action on the rod is good, I could walk the dog with no problems at all.

Unfortunately I didn't run into any fish, had one miss the Tiny Torpedo, so I didn't see how it would handle that way but I have no doubt it would do well.

In closing this is by far the best rod I've ever had. Now I just need to save up and get a nice new reel to go with it.”

Angler: Adam M., Richmond, KY
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-661CAMH
(Applications: Worming and Jigging)

“I just got my 6'6" MH Worm/Jig rod today. My first impression, like others I have read, is the weight of the rod, it's really light and decently balanced. I've paired it with a Pflueger Patriarch 64LP and really like how they balance together. I plan on fishing several different techniques with the rod to really dial in where it will fit in my arsenal.

Once I get a chance to put it through the paces, I plan on starting with a tube, t-rig, and smaller finesse jig like a Bitsy Bug or Bitsy Flip, just to fulfill it's labeled purpose. I am also interested in how it might throw spinnerbaits, small swimbaits, and topwater. I use mostly 7' rods so I feel that the shorter length may really come in handy for close quarters fishing.

I am also looking forward to giving the Fuji ACS reel seat a chance. I've tended to dismiss rods with this reel seat when purchasing rods because while it feels comfortable without a reel, I was skeptical of how it would feel with a reel. I have been surprised thus far and look forward to really trying it out.

So far my impressions are good and soon we'll see how it works out on the water. Thanks Pinnacle and all at Silstar, so far it seems like you have a winner on your hands with this new series of rods.”

Angler: Brian P., Mechanicsville, PA
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-701SPML
(Applications: Finesse, Tubes, Drop-Shot)

“I chose to receive the finesse-tube-drop shot rod, Ive had the rod out about 4 or 5 times, pulled in about 15 fish with it so far. This rod is a 7', Medium Light action, and a fast taper. Line weight: 6-12lb, Lure weight: 1/16-3/8oz.

When I first pulled the rod out of the packaging, I noticed the exquisite design and details that went into the rod. Such as the high quality cork handles, which are formed and cut very comfortably, also the aluminum winding checks that smoothly separated the cork from the rod, the whole rod goes together quite nicely. When the sun hits the rod, it reveals a beautiful blue finish under the top coat. The spinning model features the Fuji VSS reel seat and silver finished Fuji Alconite guides. I really like how the reel seat comes together with the cork flush and smooth (I know this isn't just on this rod but it adds to the beauty of the Perfecta).

When I paired the rod with a Shimano Saros 3000, I noticed the extreme light weight the rod had. The center of balance is right in the middle of the fore grip which is just where I like it. The rod's sensitivity blew me away, fishing the drop shot rig, or any rig really, showed me every rock, log, or any structure I ran into. I have fished 8lb fluoro and 20lb braid on this rod, it handled both very nicely.

Although the rod isnt set up for a t-rig, the bite was slow on drop shot so I tried a texas rigged worm with a 1/8 ounce screw in weight, the medium-light action of this rod proved to have the strength to drive a EWG thru the worm and into the lip of a bass. This also is a great rod for fishing a wacky rig.

Overall, this is a five star rod, from its looks to its performance, it exceeds all of my expectations. I am very lucky to have had a chance to try this rod out. I will certaintly be buying other models of this rod when they hit the market.

Thank you Pinnacle!”

Angler: Wayne W., Fayetteville, PA
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-7112CAHSB
(Applications: Heavy Flipping/Pitching, Big Swimbaits)

“Before receiving my rod, I had the opportunity to handle the Carolina Rig stick won by BadKarma42. Needless to say, I was very excited to get mine in the mail. I got the rod on a Thursday and immediately hit the lake. In the time I've had the rod, it has been used on 5 trips. The rest of this review will be notes from my experiences. I threw jigs, frogs and swimbaits on the rod.

• This is a big stick, considerably larger than the C-rig rod.

• It is rated as a Fast taper and it is definitely fast to x-fast.

• Fit and finish on the rod is impeccable. Very nice accents on the guides and I love the look of the winding checks on the blank. Blank color is a deep blue in the sunlight.

• The rod is very sensitive. IN MY HANDS (so no panties in a bunch), the rod felt as sensitive as my BCR 854 GLX while pitching a jig. No joke.

• For jigs and frogs, I found the rod to be perfect. Pitches were accurate and distance was great.

• I found it less favorable for throwing swimbaits as I prefer a little slower rod for loading up and launching baits. The accuracy on shorter casts was still nice.

• Fighting fish is not an issue. This thing is a beast.

• The telescoping portion of the rod felt very secure and locked in place nicely.

I paired the rod with a Revo STX/braid and a Curado 301d/P-Line CXX for the testing. The rod handled both reels and lines without a problem.

Overall, I really like the rod. I can see it used for flipping and pitching more than swimbaits in my boat. It is a fine stick and for the price point, it will be MORE than competitive once people start using them.

Will I buy more? Yes, based on the sensitivity alone.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to try the rod. Good luck with your endeavor.”

Angler: Rick A., Chesterfield Twp., MI
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-701CAMCB
(Applications: Small Crankbaits and Jerkbaits)

“I got the DHC5-701CAMCB. Medium Action/Moderate Taper for small crankbaits/small jerkbaits. I paired it with a Revo SX. After using the rod a few times, all I can say is WOW.

These are my observations:
• 1-This is the lightest rod I've ever held.
• 2-The most sensitive crankbait rod I've ever used.
• 3-Quality components throughout.
• 4-Very well constructed rod.

As light as the rod is, it has plenty of backbone. It can also sling a crankbait a mile. The first fish I caught with it was a 3# smallie. The Perfecta was up for the task, and handled it magnificently.

This rod is by far the jewel of my arsenal. Prior to winning this rod, Pinnacle Rods were never considered, but now they will be at the top of my list. For the quality of this rod, the price is very competitive.

Thanks again to Pinnacle/Silstar, and Pinnacle 1 for the opportunity to win this fine stick. If anybody has any questions about this rod, PM me. I'll be glad to help.”

Angler: Via T., Long Beach, CA
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-792CAHSB
(Applications: Heavy Flipping/Pitching, Swimbaits, Frogs)

“Hey guys, i got my swimbait rod today. Anyways my first impressions of this rod is its weight. It's very very light compared to my brother's rods and pretty well balanced. I see that it's for flipping, frogs, and swimbaits. Anyways I don't like the telescoping part but I see it's made for several purposes. Anyways my brother and I are planning on solely using swimbaits on this rod from small spro bbz1 swimbaits up to the big 8" huddlestons and others. We will try to pair it up with as many different combinations and lines as possible to get a thorough review of this rod. Until then.... This review may sound weird, but this is my first one and i am still a beginner in bass fishing so i don't really know that much but i will try to do my best.

I went fishing yesterday just to test out this rod at a local lake. I pair this swimbait rod with a Shimano Cardiff 300a with 25lb test Trilene Big Game line and also a Shimano Citica 201e with a 12lb test Yo-Zuri Hybrid line.

While using the Cardiff, I was throwing a Huddleston Deluxe 6" Trout and also a 3:16 8" Mission Fish. I was able to cast the two baits easier and farther with this rod.

While using the Citica, i was throwing out 3" Basstrix paddletail, 4.5" H20 xpress swimbaits, and also a Spro bbz 4" floating shad. I cast easier with the rod, but the one problem was the handle because it was too long so i couldn't jerk the baits that good. But overall it was a really good rod.”

Angler: Dave E., Chambersburg, PA
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-731CAMH
(Applications: Carolina Rig)

“I've never written a review so I'll keep this brief and to the point (I hope). I received the Carolina Rig rod and have had a chance to take it out a couple of times.

Initially, I was most impressed with the weight of the rod. It is incredibly light compared to the rods I currently own. The lake I used this rod on didn't necessarily set up for a c-rig, so I initially began fishing it as a worm rod (t-rig). After recognizing the lightness of the rod, I immediately noticed the sensitivity. Combined with a tungsten weight, I was in awe of the feeling with the rod. I could feel the weight slowly sliding down a rock and the bluegill hits were magnified.

I later set up the rod as a c-rig and continued to notice the same sensitivity.I did manage to catch a fish on the t-rig and found the rod to have a good back bone and good play in the rod tip.

Needless to say, I give this rod two thumbs up and would certainly recommend that anyone looking to but a new rod check out the Pinnacle line. Speedbead was with me on the second trip out and can verify the lightness of the rod and the amount of times I commented on the sensitivity. I am looking forward to checking out his swimbait rod.

Thank you Pinnacle for this great contest, opportunity, and great fishing rod.”

Angler: John D., Bloomington, IL
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-681SPM
(Applications: Tubes, Grubs)

“I received the DHC5-681SPM it is a one-piece 6'8" med action, extra fast taper spinning rod with split grip cork handle. It is labeled "tube-grub"

At first, for the look and feel I was very impressed...very light and the construction looks and feels great. Nice high quality guides and reel seat.

I have had the opportunity to use is 4 times in the past 10 days. I am very impressed. I paired it with a plueger president 6730 spooled with 8lb trilene xl for 2 trips and with a quantum kinetic pti10 spooled with 6lb yo-zuri ultrasoft.

Both performed well, except for tourney's, I fish from the bank and use very little weight or weightless soft plastics 75% of the time. And have found a couple new holes to fish that are pretty overrun with vegetation. I found the power of the rod to be on the stronger side of medium which I really liked. I caught over 40 fish on the rod with more than a few being over 3 and 4lbs. I like the light weight and ease of casting. what i really liked was the quick action for the hookset. I had no problem getting fish out of the salad..

Overall, I really like the rod and how it performed and would highly recommend it for the application I use.”

Angler: Eric M., Miramar, FL
Rod: Perfecta DHC5-CAMHFS
(Applications: Light Flipping/Pitching, Big Worms, Casting Jigs)

“Well, I recieved my chosen rod from Pinnacle earlier today and decided to give it a brief workout since we actually had some clear afternoon weather. This is my initial review on the Pinnacle DHC5-762CAMHFS 7'6" flippin/pitchin stick with telescopic handle. More info to come throughout the week as I'll probably have more time to use it.

I Paired up with a 7.1 Pro Qualifier. Very nicely balanced feel to the rod. From my limited experience, the rod is quite comfortable to use. I've never really been a fan of rods with telescopic butts, but this one feels very solid to me. The guides are quite small which is always nice. I spooled up with 40lb braid to work in heavier cover. Very sensitive even though it's telescopic. I was able to detect some very subtle bites. This rod has oodles of backbone. I was able to haul a few fish out of very thick grass with ease. Nothing large, but the salad that came out with them sure made for a small battle. I'm not sure how much it weighs as I don't have a scale around here that can measure in ounces. It's not the lightest rod in the world, but it certainly isn't the heaviest. After two or three hours of using it, I felt that I could hold it an entire day and not be bothered in the least.

Hopefully over the weekend I'll be able to give it a good beating. Weather permitting of course. So far though, this seems like a very capable stick.

If you've got any questions, please feel free to ask.”

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